GUESTS, 2020

The Plastic Atlas

Lili Fuhr  

Lili Fuhr leads the International Environmental Policy Division of the Heinrich Böll Foundation’s head office in Berlin. More


Craig Shaw

Craig Shaw

Craig Shaw is the investigations editor of, an in-depth, investigative news site covering eastern Europe and beyond. More

Ilya Gomyranov

Professional zoologist, wildlife photographer, and press secretary of the Zoological Museum of Moscow State University. More


Boris Revich

Russian scientist, expert in environmental epidemiology and environmental hygiene.More


Григорий Куксин

Grigory Kuksin

Head of the fire department of Greenpeace Russia. More


Mariel Villela

Director of Global Strategy. More


Katherine Bruce 

Katherine is Executive Director at the Planet in Focus International Environmental Film Festival, Canada’s largest environmental media arts organization that promotes film as both an art form and a meaningful tool for social change. More


Lena Kolbe 

Lena Kolbe is a production manager and executive assistant to Denis Delestrac at Intrepido Films in Barcelona. More

Enrico Parenti

Enrico Parenti is an Italian-American documentary director and producer, who has lived in the UK, Brazil, USA, and studied filmmaking in Spain. More

Srapyan Elena

Producer of documentary projects. More

Peter O’Brien

Peter O’Brien is an environmental media consultant, working with filmmakers and festival organizers to strengthen the impact of films about the environment. More

Eleonore Isunza

Co-founder and Director of the Cinema Planeta, International Environmental Film Festival of Mexico. Film director, producer. More

Konstantin Fomin

Media coordinator of the Russian branch of Greenpeace. He participated in the in the Greenpeace expedition to Taimyr, took samples from the radioactive Techa river and was one of the first who brought the book “This is not a drill” from movement Extinction Rebellion to Russia.

Simon Holmström

Member of the Åland Parliament for the party Sustainable Initiative (Aland Islands, Finland). More

Alexandra Davidsson

Secretary General at Medveten Konsumtion (Sweden)

Alexander Chernokulsky

Meteorologist, PhD, senior researcher at Obukhov Institute of Atmosphere Physics, RAS

Stanislav Kutuzov

Glaciologist, PhD, IPCC expert, кандидат наук, head of Laboratory of Glaciology, Institute of Geography, RAS

Maria Sidorova

Hydrologist, PhD, researcher at Institute of Geography, RAS

Alisa Nikulina

Coordinator of Ecological program, Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Moscow

Yulia Kuznetsova

PhD, researcher at Faculty of Geography, Moscow State University, science journalist

Nils Bartsch

Coal and Divestment Campaigns at Urgewald (Germany)

Vladimir Slivyak

Co-Chairman at EcoDefense

Igor Makarov

PhD in Economics, Associate Professor of the World Economy Department, Academic Head of the World Economy Undergraduate Program at HSE

Tatiana Lanshina

PhD, CEO at GNS, Senior Research Associate at RANEPA

Oksana Erina

Hydroecologyst, PhD, researcher at Faculty of Geography, Moscow State University and Russian Research Institute of fisheries and oceanography

Pavel Konstantinov

Meteorologyst, PhD, senior lecturer at Faculty of Geography, Moscow State University, executive secretary at PEEX climatic programme

Ilia Serezhkin

Microbiologist, researcher at Faculty of Biology, Moscow State University

Ksenia Mayorova

Research fellow at UME LAB, Vysokovsky Graduate School of Urbanism, HSE

Natalia Koldobskaya

PhD, researcher at the Faculty of Geography, Moscow State University

Elena Vishnyakova

Deputy CEO “Ecoline”, regional operator

Artem Sedov

CEO «Bolshaya Troika», developer of hard- and software «Waste managing»

Nina Ilina

Ecoactivist, lecturer, “EcoTechnologies”, TEDxSR

Michail Yulkin

CEO at the Environmental Investment Center, Founder and CEO at CarbonLab LLC

Dima Zitzer

The founder of Institute of non-formal education “Orange”, teacher, writer, blogger, author of programmes and radiohost at radio “Mayak”. Recently, Dima has published his book “How meaningless to parent teenegers” at the publishing house “Peter”.

Kate Khorohanskay

Pupil FFF

I stusy at 205 gymnasium at 11th grade  and at Eco-biology Centre. I try to spread the ideas of environmental friendliness among my surroundings, attend rallies Fridays for future and go to single pickets, занимаюсь раздельным сбором. Moreover, I am engaged in separate garbage collection and I try to develop a project of installing  a container for plastic bottles near the school. I consider that awareness is the main component of ecological lifestyle!

Masha Tinika

The founder of the project “Trees of St. Petersburg” “A tree as a public space or why do we need a tree map”

Alexandra Kapustina

Psychologist and coach. She works with such environmental projects of St. Petersburg, as “Separate collection, charity shops” Thank you!”, “Environmental union.”

Natalya Lukovnikova

The head of the forecasting centre ITMO and the head of the research-educational project “Sociosoft”. Work in forecasting sphere more than 10 years.

Maria Monakhova

Biologist, Biological Faculty of Moscow State University, studies the birds songs sintaksis

Tatiana Puzanova

Senior researcher, Faculty of Geography, Moscow State University Scientific secretary of Moscow city department of Russian Geographic Society. Author of textbooks and non-fiction books on ecology, PhD

Elena Belkova

Psycologyst, psycoanalist with many years of clinical experience Author and presenter of group programmes and seminars for children Moscow State University

Andrey Palamarchuk

Nat Geo chief editor

Olga Andreeva

PhD, senior researcher at Laboratory on environmental paleoarchives, Institute of Geography, RAS. Specialist on desertification and land degradation.

Cristina Tugova

Forest ambassador, coordinator of communicational projects at Forest Programme, WWF Russia

Vladimir Zakharov

senior forester at the Orekhovo-Zuevsky branch of the State Institution of Civil Defense of Moscow Region Forests, chief editor at

Alexander Agafonov

Senior researcher at Laboratory of Marine Mammals, Institute of Oceanography, RAS. Specialist on marine mammals behaviour and acoustic signaling 

Lidiya Belyaeva

Ecologist, “Plan the forest” project curator

Anastasia Sergeeva

Bushe Environment Project Coordinator

Rudolf Ahn

Founder of Eatme