Rewilding – A New Paradigm for Nature Conservation (52 min, Germany, France, 2019)

Director Vincent Perazio

52 min, Germany, France, 2019

Subtitle: Russian

Language: English

How wild can Europe become again? To what extent can we return complexity and richness to degraded European ecosystems? These are some of the questions that the new documentary aims to answer.

It also profiles the wildlife resurgence that is happening on European doorsteps, with many species now making a comeback thanks to legal protection and dedicated conservation efforts over the last 30 years. Can we, as Europeans, learn to share our landscapes again with returning species such as bears, bison and beaver?

Based on the restoration of natural processes and recovery of wild nature, today rewilding is capturing a growing number of hearts and minds, both in Europe and beyond. The ARTE documentary showcases contemporary European rewilding efforts and the latest views, insights and lessons from a wide range of experts.

It presents a range of European rewilding areas and initiatives, including the Southern Carpathians in Romania, the Greater Côa Valley in Portugal, Knepp Estate in the United Kingdom, and the Oostvaardersplassen in the Netherlands. A message of hope.

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