Director: Vitaly Kapitonov

60 min, Russia, 2019

Language: Russian

The High Flight Region is a documentary about life in the Leningrad Region. Four heroes once decided to move from the city to the outback. Each of them talks about his choice, about a new way of life, about the found meaning of life and harmony.

The film features interviews that reveal to us the stories of each character, their life path and philosophy. In the stories of the heroes, most of the narration is about the difficulties that they have to overcome on their way. Through them, the characters and motives of the storytellers are revealed, helping the viewer to understand that there is still much to be done.


December 20, 2020, 8:00 PM

Q&A with Hinterland director Vitaly Kapitonov

Vitaly was born in St. Petersburg. He graduated from a construction college in St. Petersburg and got a university degree in architecture in Moscow. After 5 years of work in the construction industry, he decided to devote himself to the production industry. He worked on film and commercial set in a variety of roles, from camera mechanic to director and producer.He decided to put his accumulated experience into the creation of his debut documentary «Hinterland», as a director.