Generation «Greta» (54 min, France, 2020)

Directors Simon Kessler, Johan Boulanger

54 min, France, 2020

Subtitle: Russian

Language: English

In spite of their cultural and geographical differences, nine young female activists are united under the same struggle: raising awareness about the climate emergency, fighting against the inaction of politicians, and promoting radical societal change, so that nature and social justice become our top priority.

In the wake of Greta Thunberg, the most famous of them all, these young women, aged between 12 and 24 years old, already possess the charisma and assurance of some of the history’s greatest political personalities. Who are these activists, set on changing the world? How can we understand their anger? What hopes do they carry? ‘Generation Greta’ recounts the story of these nine incredible young women, combining moving eyewitness accounts and breathtaking archive footage.

Time and registration

21 may 14:00–16:00


21 may 19:00–21:00