ECOCUP International Green Documentary Film Festival. 

Since 2010 ECOCUP has been bringing to Russia and CIS-countries the most interesting documentaries from around the world on what is happening on the planet and with the planet, about people and project who try to make this world a better place. 

Over the years ECOCUP took place in more than 20 cities of Russia, as well as 6 cities of Ukraine, 6 cities of Belorussia, 2 cities of Kazakhstan and the capital of Kirgistan. 

Since 2012 ECOCUP is the only Russian member of Green Film Network, the international group that unites environmental film festivals around the world. 

Festival started as a voluntary project with the journalistic principle in mind: “The problem cannot be solved if no-one talks about it”. Documentary films are one of the best alternative source of information and the reason to start a conversation. After every screening the moderate discussion takes place with local and international experts. In the frame of the festivals there are meetings, panels, round tables on environment and sustainability, as well as the professional workshops on documentary filmmaking. 

Russian filmmakers, journalists, photographers, writers, everybody takes part in the world environmental movement. Even such a serious topic as environment can be discussed in the most entertaining way. Films don’t only talk about an experience, they inspire. Every year we see people leaving the cinema with the light in their eyes. They say: “I also can do something”, or “Everybody have to watch this film!”. 

Environmental film festivals cannot change the world. People change the world. But environmental films can change people. 

That’s why our Moto is “Films that change the future”. 


Natalia Paramonova

Festival co-founder
Executive Director 


Alena Shnaider

Program director



Yulia Kuznetsova

Scientific supervisor


Anastasia Laukkanen

Festival co-founder


Vasilisa Kamenskaya

Project manager